We all understand that IB is not easy. With six subjects, innumerable activities and hours in CAS, and seemingly endless IAs along with the exams, we know students need shortcuts! In this blog, we have put together some of Team Tutela’s best IB hacks to tackle the load!


But the best strategy will always give you success in your goal. So let’s start!


  1. Internal Assessments

Learn how to play the game – we’ve seen too many IB students get terrible grades on their IA’s despite having pretty good content. Their issue was almost always forgetting that the IB is very particular in how they want an IA to look like. You may have solved Fermat’s Last Theorem in your Math IA, but if you forgot to show personal engagement, or you forgot to reflect on why this proof is interesting/important you might still end up with a bad grade! Don’t give away silly points – take a look at our IA guides before handing in those IAs to make sure you’ve done everything you can.


  1. Drafts are important

Making a draft as complete as possible is very crucial to have the best chance at success. Half-baked essays are not fruitful. The teacher can only mark and assist what they read! The significant benefit of having a COMPLETE and GOOD draft is the advice students can get from their teacher, who has the potential to push the grade 4 to essay to 7.


  1. Solve your Queries early

Tell your teacher what you’re unable to hear! This is ridiculously obvious, but the truth is, many people are afraid to ask their teachers for advice and want to do it all on their own.

Honestly, from my viewpoint, the most famous students were the ones who posed questions on an ongoing basis and understood they needed encouragement to get those high grades.


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  1. Making revision a habit

Students have so much time to do their revision that they are missing out on every day! Instead of plugging the unproductive habit of listening to the same song again and again or napping or daydreaming, they should do something small and IB-based. Listen to a podcast, skim through some flashcards made out of notes, or check out some IB videos. This will make the dead time in the schedule productive, and it will add up to put the student in a great position to smash the exams.


  1. Practice

Past year papers can be your perfect starting of practicing the IB exams. You can easily download online the IB past year papers for your preparation. Many sites are providing these past year papers, sample papers, mock test series for IB Diploma Programme and just go through them and practice hard.


  1. Be confident

For exam success, there’s no ideal recipe and you may not find any of our tips to be right for you. The trick is to figure out the most productive way to review it and stick to it as best you can. At the end, when it comes to revision, what you put in, you get out of it.

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