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Early Years Programme

At JMS we believe in the importance of play in early childhood. Play is not only fun and make children happy, but it also helps them learn and develop intelligence, creativity, empathy as well as communication and social skills. Playing is learning. Learning by playing. JMS provides facilities for our young learners to play indoor and outdoor. 

Young learners must have fun, pleasurable, and meaningful experiences as they start  learning from outside their homes. Early years education is very important for every child. Their first “school” experiences are very critical for this will shape their understanding about themselves (self-concept), their behaviour towards learning,  and their attitude about “school”. 

At JMS our teachers provide assistance, guidance, and encouragement to the young learners to develop and hone their cognitive, social, language, emotional, and motor skills and abilities. To build trust, JMS is committed to providing a learning environment where they are assured that they are safe and secure.  The learners are given the attention and the support they need to build  confidence in order for  them to become independent and self-directed learners.  

Every child is a unique individual having different needs, traits, learning styles, and the likes. JMS’ low learner-teacher ratio allows our teacher to pay attention to the individual development of each learner. In JMS everyone is treated with respect and understanding; every learner matters.


At JMS, our holistic, developmentally-appropriate, and balanced curriculum is delivered through learning by playing approaches. Every activity organised, in and out of the classroom, is a learning opportunity. 

Activities prepared for young learners are integrated in order for them to learn several skills in every learning engagement. Activities prepared, big or small, are designed to always stimulate the curiosity of the learners making them inquisitive and critical learners. Experiential-learning is provided not only to engage them in hands-on activities but most importantly to train them reflect on the process of learning.  This process makes the learners understand more and appreciate the small successes they gain in as they go on in their learning journey.

Age-appropriate activities and differentiated teaching are implemented in teaching the concepts and skills;  games, hands-on activities, reading materials, and writing activities are planned thoughtfully in order to optimise their learning experiences. JMS intends to make all their learners successful in all their learning endevours.

JMS puts emphasis not only in the cognitive development of its learners but also to the other equally important aspects of development such as the social, emotional, language  and motor.  All these are given equal value  in all learning engagements.  Balanced school-life experience is a priority in JMS for its young learners.  

JMS advocates for a “healthy and fun” learning experience.  A happy learner,  is a confident learner.

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