benefits of Cambridge IGCSE

Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum  is a program that parents choose to send their children to because it provides a strong foundation for pre-university programs. Completing the IGCSE program makes it easier for students to understand A-level Completing this program equips students with a solid understanding of the A-level program. Additionally, IGCSE is organized in the form of exams, which gives students valuable exam experience and helps them avoid surprises when taking exams at the next level. This is in contrast to the similar program, MYP, which does not hold exams, making it take more time for students to adjust and mentally prepare for exams when transitioning from MYP to IB. Another advantage of IGCSE is that it offers elective subjects, allowing for comprehensive development and meeting the unique learning needs of each student without overwhelming them with too many subjects.


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The Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum is a globally-oriented adaptation of the British curriculum (IGCSE). It utilizes examinations as the primary form of assessment, with schools having the flexibility to choose between exam boards such as Cambridge Assessment International Education and Edexcel. With over 70 subjects, including 30 languages, the Cambridge exam board aims to cater to students from diverse linguistic backgrounds, enabling them to continue studying their mother tongue. Moreover, the curriculum accommodates varying levels of ability by offering both Core and Extended curriculum papers in select subjects.


What are the benefits of Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum?

  1. Foundation for Pre-University Programs
    IGCSE serves as the foundation for international high school or pre-university endeavors. Completing this program equips students with a solid understanding of the A-level program, providing a smoother transition towards higher learning.
  2. Comprehensive Development
    IGCSE elective subjects cater to diverse learning needs without overwhelming students. This approach fosters holistic growth, nurturing not only subject proficiency but also the application of knowledge in practical scenarios.
  3. Chances of Success in Society
    IGCSE students emerge equipped with vital skills: presentation finesse adept problem-solving, research prowess, and collaborative teamwork.

That is why parents choose to send their children to schools with the Cambridge  IGCSE curriculum. The benefits of being cambridge IGCSE curriculum student are numerous. It offers a globally recognized curriculum that prepares students for further education and future career opportunities. The IGCSE program focuses on developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills, which are essential for success in higher education.

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