primary camp week

In November 2-3, 2023, Jakarta Multicultural School (JMS) arranged an enriching program for children of all ages during Upper Primary Camp Week. The Upper Primary kids set out on an amazing adventure to Tanakita, Sukabumi, while the Lower Primary and Early Years pupils set up camp at JMS and Ecopark Ancol.


The Tanakita trip was not just simply an adventure; it was a learning experience that took place right in the middle of nature’s classroom. The students experienced the true spirit of the jungle as they learned the age-old methods of making palm sugar from sap, which gave them invaluable knowledge about the raw materials and ancient processing procedures. Incorporating experiential learning activities such as pancake-making for breakfast and eco-printing contributed to their increased comprehension.


primary camp week


Evenings were graced with a feast of traditional Indonesian delicacies, accompanied by the building of penguin-shaped fires, which fostered a sense of community among teachers and students. Aside from culinary escapades, the students demonstrated their abilities through group songs and dances, strengthening social skills and new connections.



The following day was devoted to investigating ecoprint processes, and students excitedly dove into the activity, demonstrating their eagerness to learn firsthand.



The finale of this camp week anticipates kids returning to school with a renewed zest for learning, as they bring back not only memories but also a renewed energy and curiosity for information. This immersive experience in nature’s classroom will leave an unforgettable impression on their educational journey, molding them into more eager and engaged students.


primary camp week


During their visit, the students were able to express themselves through beautiful clay art. They were also given the opportunity to interact with and feed the adorable animals, which brought them great joy and laughter.



But wait, there’s more! Students also got their hands dirty by planting corn, learning about the wonders of growth and nurturing. They also had the opportunity to explore the fascinating bee house attraction, where they learned about the incredible life cycle of bees and the numerous benefits they provide to our environment.



For students in the lower primary grades, the excursion to Ecopark Ancol proved to be an exciting and educational adventure. During their visit, these young students eagerly participated in hands-on activities that connected them with the environment.


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Their involvement began with the planting of corn and rice, allowing them to firsthand experience the satisfaction of nurturing crops. Furthermore, the students were enthralled by the fascinating bee house attraction, where they learned about the intricate life cycle of these hardworking insects. This immersive experience not only broadened their understanding of bees but also instilled in them a respect for their critical role in our ecosystem.



To add to their excitement, the students went on an educational tour of the buffalo habitat. They learned about the buffalo’s habitat, behavior, and importance in agriculture while riding these magnificent creatures. Exploring buffalo life cycles and habits provided a better understanding of these animals and their importance in traditional farming practices.



These lower primary students not only increased their knowledge but also developed a stronger connection with the natural world by actively participating in planting, exploring bee habitats, and riding buffalos. Such hands-on experiences undoubtedly sparked their curiosity and respect for the environment and its inhabitants.

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