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Get 15 Amazing Benefits of International School Based in Jakarta

Education plays a significant role in shaping the future. It is the reason why most of the time, parents are thinking about finding the high quality education in accordance with a wide variety of educational institutes out there. It has been long known that every educational institute offers amazing programs for the students and one of the most recommended ones is the International school Jakarta which has long existed with such amazing programs and learning experiences.

Discover 15 benefits of International school based in Jakarta

Students’ enrollment in International school Jakarta is always open every year. Parents are offered with abundant information how this International standard institution helps to shape the students in terms of their intelligence and morale. Finding the right educational institution is such a hard task but taking the benefits of an International school based in Jakarta as follows is strongly recommended to do in advance. Here are 15 benefits of an International school based in Jakarta to know more.

1. It is located in the metropolitan city

It is no longer debatable that most International schools are based in metropolitan cities such as Jakarta. It is because of the demography aspects and the center of civilization where the economy, education, trading and other factors grow at its speed pace. Broadly known as the most crowded city in Indonesia, Jakarta is habited approximately 10 million people and it is the great opportunity to establish the International school Jakarta where most of the people living in modernization.
The existence of International school Jakarta is said to be helpful for people who do not share similar citizenship who want to learn equally in this developing country. They have the place to develop their knowledge based on the International curricula so that they can be able to continue their study upon their leaving from Indonesia.

2. It takes the benefit of International language

Known as the International school, it is widely known that most of the students do not share their mother tongue and the role of English as a means of communication takes its significant play. Here, the students are strongly obliged to master English in order to support the transfer knowledge process run smoothly. Therefore, the International school Jakarta always opens special classes for those who want to develop their language proficiency either English or other languages. This is the benefit to get when enrolling the children in International school.

3. It adopts the International curriculum

The label of International school goes along with the implementation of the International curriculum. In this regard, all the teachers will transfer knowledge with International standardization teaching methodology so that it helps to enhance the students’ understanding on particular subjects. This condition will get the students accustomed to analyzing, creating and learning independently. Having completed the education in International school Jakarta, all the students have an equal chance to be accepted in the most world’s reputable schools or universities.

4. It builds the amazing learning experience

Learning in International school Jakarta provides a different atmosphere for the students. Here, all the materials are presented creatively and the students are supposed to think critically in solving the problems because the process takes the output-based education as priority. During the learning process, the students are not totally expected to memorize all the materials but they will be provided with specified time to discover what they are learning after brief explanation from the teachers and this helps to shape the creative, innovative and critical students at the end of the day.

5. It is supported by complete facilities

All the International schools in Jakarta always want to serve the students and parents as satisfying as possible. To ensure that all the learning and teaching process meets its objectives, the school offers International facilities. The internet connection, then, becomes the major facility that should be available all the time with stable connectivity so that the students do not experience the trouble while accessing the internet. It is important to make sure its availability because all the teaching process takes the benefits of internet connection to find out what the world has been offered to the students.

6. It offers additional school facilities

Apart from the availability of stable internet connection, the International school Jakarta also offers some other additional school facilities that support the learning and teaching process. The computer laboratory, health facilities, sport facilities, music and theater auditorium become the major facilities to help the students develop their interest in finding what they like the most. Provided with a wide variety of facilities, the students can learn in diversity so that they can build up the soft skills such as adaptability, confidence, teamwork, conflict resolution, problem solving and effective communication among students.

7. It offers wide outdoor facilities

It is absolutely boring for all students when they must learn in the classroom all day but it will never happen in International school Jakarta because it offers a wide field where the learning process may take place. This is such an important consideration for the parents who want to register their children in International school. What people need to do is to make sure that the International school has a wide area where the students can explore themselves freely.

8. It offers free-bullying zones

Most of the time, school bullying has been found in schools where the teachers cannot take control of the school environment. This surely affects the students’ personality in the future of being less confident and shy. To deal with this problem, the International school Jakarta understands about these cases and the school stakeholders always make sure to prevent bullying in the school. Being experienced with bullying will hinder the students  ability to communicate with others.

9. It provides low student-teacher ratio

The International school Jakarta always wants to serve the students as perfect as possible. In this regard, it offers a low student-teacher ratio so that the teachers are capable of ensuring the students’ development and taking control from the possible unexpected situation such as bullying or fighting in school. In addition, the teachers are also able to support the students’ psychological development so that the students can learn and grow at their comfortable school atmosphere both indoor and outdoor.

10. It offers in-depth understanding on every subjects

Out of 15 benefits of International school based in Jakarta, the students will get in-depth understanding in every single subject delivered by the teachers. It is because the teachers are capable of implementing the right teaching methodology. In this case, the teachers will deliver the materials interestingly and creatively so that the students do not feel bored during the learning and teaching process. Here, the students are demanded to discover the answer of the problematic questions so that they know how the process goes on.

11. It prepares the students to compete in higher level education

During the learning and teaching process, the teachers equip the students with abundant knowledge so that they have deep understanding in every subject. Being equipped with knowledge, the students studying in the International school Jakarta are prepared to be able to compete with other students in the higher level with confidence. They surely will be the best at their educational stage development. Thus, there is no worry for the parents who want to be part of the International school in Jakarta.

12. It enhances the ability to communicate with others in diversity

As mentioned before, the International school Jakarta is attended by many students from different cultures and races. They possess a unique identity that will stick together in harmony and this is the perfect chance for them to learn from one to another. During the time in using English as a mean of communication, the students will learn new phrases or expression from different language so that it enriches their ability to master multi languages in one time.

13. It goes along globalization and modernization

The International school Jakarta always makes an attempt to be able to go along with modernization and globalization. It is important to do this because being left behind with developing civilization out there will negatively impact the students’ development during or after completing the study. The development of technology, music and many other aspects that greatly impact life always becomes the major interesting discussion among the students during the class discussion.

14. It teaches students to be critical thinkers

During the learning process the students are expected to find out the problematic questions in dealing with the subject being discussed. The students frequently are asked to make a group and they will learn cooperatively and critically. Having finished with their discussion, the teachers lead them to class discussion where the groups have the equal chance to raise their voice based on the discussion topics. Such a learning strategy helps to activate the students’ critical thinking.

15. It teaches how to respect others in diversity

All the students in International school Jakarta are united in diversity of races and cultures. They are thought to be able to enhance the respect for each other. Diversity can bring many benefits because the students have the chance to learn a wide variety of cultures. This is what the International students can learn in comparison to the local school whose students share similar languages, cultures and races.

The existence of International school Jakarta becomes the answer among the people who want to obtain high quality education. With the International education curriculum, the students will be able to see the world through their eyes and they do not learn about knowledge but also the moral values. The 15 benefits of International school based in Jakarta above can later be considered among the people who want to register their children to obtain education at their stages of life.

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